We turn the canvas of the city into a full-motion digital opportunity

Our wide ranging skill set allows us to create and manage the entire activation process, from ideation, design and production to project management and the delivery of high quality video for social streams.


We have over 20 years experience projecting light at a wide range of events from large scale corporate events to festival mapping shows. We have the expertise and technology required to create mind blowing projections of all shapes and sizes.


Our Mobile Projection Unit (MPU) is a custom built portable solution which is perfect for one off activations, hitting multiple locations in a short space of time and beaming animations which dance across the cityscape.


By creating fun and immersive experiences we help create a stronger bond between audience and brand. This positive association will leave a lasting impression and help grow a strong customer base.


Our passion for light emitting innovations drives us to explore, test and implement the latest technologies into our projects. We push the boundaries of what is possible to create more impact for our clients.

We offer a wide range of services to elevate your brand identity


Our creative concepts emerge as we listen to our clients’ stories, we develop the right campaign to make an impact with their target audience.


We can tailor existing campaigns and bring them to the next level or create fresh content whether it’s for corporate branding or abstract original art pieces.


Our custom built Mobile Projection Unit (MPU) can reach most corners of the cityscape to deliver stunning HD projections.


We fuse beautiful content with the latest projection mapping technology to create breathtaking light installations on almost any facade.


We take campaigns to the next level by creating immersive and interactive brand experiences using the latest tech.


We convert empty spaces into themed, abstract and interactive art pieces, turning temporary vacancies into an engaging, commercially attractive opportunities.


When a campaign is wrapped up we can supply the metrics and insights to decide next actions and mould future strategy.


Our video production team capture live campaigns, take the footage through post-production and create an edit ready for your social media.